A term full of events!

1st June 2016

This term has been exceptionally busy with a vast array of events!

We raised a fantastic £224.12 for Children in Need - thank you for all your support.

Class 5/6 took part in the Camborne Music Festival. They should be very proud of themselves as this was only the second time we took part in the event.

Class 4/5 took part in the Crofty Trust Carole Service. It was a very special event and the children were proud to represent the school.

We are taking part in regular football competitions with local schools and with each match the team get stronger. We even won one of our recent matches.

Our second bingo event was again very successful. Thank you for your support.

We did very well entering this competition, winning a full bloom award(top prize) and an outstanding in the South West award. Well done!