Behaviour and Safety

Our Golden Rules

We are kind and gentle.

"At our school children often use their manners and say please and thank you and on the playground we all look after each other."

 Year 6 Prefect

At Weeth Community Primary School we have five rules that we all follow. 

Every person at our school knows that good learning only happens when everyone feels safe. Part of everyone feeling safe comes from each of us remembering to be kind and gentle.
We always try our best.

"Children are always engaged, determined and resilient even if they find the work challenging."

 Year 6 Prefect

At Weeth we have learned to try our best even when the learning is challenging. We have learned that good learners need to keep on trying and take pride in their achievements. We know that part of learning is having work that is challenging and stretches our thinking.
We take care of our school.

"We look after our equipment and keep the school tidy so that if we have a tidy space to learn in we have a tidy mind".

Year 6 Prefect

We are proud of our school and how it looks and feels. Because of this we all work hard to ensure it remains a positive space to learn in. Everyone of us contributes to making Weeth the very best that it can be.
We do as we are asked straight away.

"We listen carefully to the teachers because at Weeth we all respect each other."

Year 6 Prefect

We move around the school sensibly.

"Our Headteacher's first priority is everyone's safety so this means we have learned to be safe in and outside of the building".

 Year 6 Prefect

At Weeth school we learn about keeping safe. We learn about safety in different ways, from our lessons, assemblies and from each other's behaviour. This rule reminds us of what we need to do to help keep us safe.