Coffee and Cake

50 per cent of parents (7) involved in the Achievement for All programme were present at the final reading session. All parents present completed the evaluation questionnaire.


1.    Have you enjoyed coming to the coffee and cake sessions?

100% answered ‘all of the time’

2.    Do you now feel more confident in helping your child to read?

100% answered ‘yes’

3.    Do you feel that by attending these sessions you have been able to have a positive impact on your child’s progress?

85% answered ‘definitely’
15% answered ‘probably’

4.    Would you recommend these sessions to other parents?

100% answered ‘definitely’

5. Would you attend similar sessions on different subjects e.g. writing, maths

100% answered ‘yes’

6.    If you answered ‘yes’, which subjects would you like to see covered?

4 parents stated Maths and 2 parents mentioned writing

7.    Do you feel the sessions could have been improved in any way?

100% answered ‘no’

8.    Do you have anything else you would like to add? If ‘yes’ please explain below:

‘Enjoyed all the sessions’
‘Thank you for all your help it has worked wonders’