The Curriculum at Weeth Community Primary School encompasses all core and foundation subjects and enables us to provide a high standard of teaching and learning.

We aim to foster a life-long love of learning, through adopting a highly practical and cross-curricular approach.

We aim to foster a life-long love of learning, through adopting a highly practical and cross-curricular approach. Using the International Primary Curriculum (IPC) as a basis for our curriculum enables us to deliver broad and balanced education that will equip our children with the skills required to be independent learners and responsible citizens.

More detailed information about the curriculum offered at Weeth School can be found in the Class pages on the website and under specific subject headings.

English is taught following the new National Curriculum 2014. We use 'Talk for Writing' which is a practical story based approach to teaching fiction and non-fiction writing across all year groups along with 'Literacy and Language' in Key Stage Two. Opportunities for children to apply their writing skills in other subjects are carefully planned for by the teachers each week.

Each class has a daily reading session called 'guided reading' along with opportunities to apply their reading skills in the other subejcts taught throughout the week.

All children are provided with regularly changed reading books to take home and read. We have a well stocked library full of 'real books' and we also use a number of reading schemes to support children with their reading. These are:

Project X Origins, Literacy World, Bug Club, Oxford Reading Tree, Ginn and Rigby Star.

We also deliver regular phonics lessons throughout the school to help children learn to 'sound out' words. The children are grouped across the school according to the phase of phonics they are learning. The school uses 'Letters and Sounds' and 'Jolly Phonics' as the scheme from which we deliver phonics. Those children that have secured their phonics move on to receive lessons on spellings, spelling patterns and spelling rules. From January 2015 the school has been using 'Read, Write, Inc - Spelling' to support the learning of spellings from Year 2-Year 6. Resources are also sent home to assist learning at home.

We value the role that parents/carers can play in the development of reading skills, and encourage all parents/carers to help their child at home. This year we are running a project called 'Reading Karate' which celebrates with the children the number of times they have read at home.

Class teachers will discuss ways in which children can be supported at home with their reading and other areas of the curriculum.

Mathematics is taught following the National Curriculum 2014.

Parents/carers can play an important role in supporting children's mathematical learning by helping with, for example, number bonds and multiplication tables. Half termly mental maths targets and appropriate 'tips' are given to parents (and are available on the website) so they can support their child at home.

In 2015 the school introduced a new Calculations Policy alongside an overview of Strategies and Methods document to support the teaching of maths across the school. This draft policy is also available to download from our website. An open morning will be held this half term whereby parents/carers will be invited into their child's class to enable them to understand how the methods and strategies used for the four operations are taught in school.

Children in years 2-6 are given access to 'Activ Learn' and 'RM Easi Maths', two helpful resources to support the learning of maths at home. In KS2 we also send home a 99 Club sheet to help children practise their mental maths with a focus on multiplication facts. Many of the children have stated that they believe the 99 Club has really helped improve their mental maths skills.

Children in KS1 and KS2 also have home access to 'Education City' which enables them to apply their maths in different activities.
Science, Art and Design, Design and Technology, Geography, History, Design and Technology and Languages

In September 2012 the school began using IPC to teach many of the National Curriculum subjects.

IPC enables the National Curriculum 2014 to be taught in a more 'topic' approach. This enables the children to see their learning in a more 'joined up way' and enables them to start to make connections across the subjects.

From talking with the children we have found this approach of teaching the curriculum is far more enjoyable for the children and at Weeth be believe that happy children make better, more focused, learners.

As a school we have chosen French as the language our children are taught in Key Stage Two (juniors). We made this decision as this is that language of choice our pupils learn in Year 7 after they move on to secondary school.

Children at Weeth get one hour a week of languages teaching a week. In the Spring term we also have the support of one of our language teachers from our local secondary school supporting the languages teaching once a fortnight for our more able pupils.
Computing, Physical Education, Religious Education and Music

Computing is taught both discretely and as part of other curriculum subjects, in particular when teaching ICP.

Children have access to different types of technology to support their learning of Computing and of other subjects. More recently the introduction of I pads across the school has been most effective in supporting reading lessons.

Physical Education is an area of the curriculum Weeth feels very committed to further improving across the school and is a focus this year on our School Improvment Plan. All children receive two lessons a week on PE and during the year some of their lessons will be delivered and assessed by specialist PE Coaches.

We also offer a number of PE clubs after school and work closely with our local secondary school to ensure the quality of provision is the very best for our children.

This year our children from year 2 to year 6 will receive 12 weeks of swimming tuition, which is partially subsidized by the school.

Teachers use the Cornish RE Syllabus when teaching RE. This enables the school to not only teach children about Christianity and other religions but also focus on religion in Cornwall.

At Weeth music in KS1 is delivered by class teachers however as children enter KS2 children begin to have specialist teachers supporting the learning. We have specialist singing and drumming teachers that work with classes throughout the year providing quality learning opportunities for our children.

We also work closely with our local music service in providing children the opportunity, should they wish, to take private instrumental lessons.