Reading Karate
At Weeth we are constantly finding new and exciting ways to raise standards in reading. In 2015 we  introduced our  ‘Reading Karate’ programme in order to encourage children’s reading at home. At Weeth we want the children to enjoy reading, and reading at home is crucial to help children to further improve their reading skills.

To gain each belt the children need to be heard 20 times at home. We recommend that the children read every evening for a period of no less than 10 minutes to obtain one signature. As the children gain their signatures they will progress through the coloured belts. They wear their belts to school to show their commitment to reading.

The impact of this scheme was monitored very carefully in the first term and was found to have been very successful with both children and staff taking part! Over the first half term we saw a 52% increase in children reading at home and an incredible 60% increase for PPG children.

Due to the popularity of the scheme and the positive impact on reading standards across the school we will be continuing it this year with new bands.
Read, Write Inc Spelling
From January 2015, in order to continue to raise standards in writing, children in Years 2 – 6 started using the Read, Write, Inc Spelling Programme which has been designed to specifically meet the higher demands of the New Curriculum. These lessons run for 20 minutes per day and teach the spelling rules using a fun and interactive approach via aliens and an online planet.

The children use these spellings to learn at home and give parents and carers a clearer insight into how their children learn spellings and spelling rules. The feedback from children and parents/carers at our consultation meetings was very positive and these parents are keen to support their children in their learning.
Lend Me Your Literacy
At Weeth we are always striving to provide real-life experiences for the children and a real purpose for their writing. We are currently setting up our own school profile on the ‘Lend Me Your Literacy’ website. This is a safe, professional online platform for schools to publish children’s writing that allows children around the world to view the work and add positive comments. This is an inspiring way to motivate children’s writing and improve their cultural awareness. This programme has had proven results in raising literacy standards in schools and give children from different countries the opportunity to collaborate and share ideas.

The website also allows parents, carers, grandparents and extended family around the world the opportunity to sign up and view the children’s work and add their own comments.