Foundation Stage

Foundation Stage

Welcome to our Class!

In Foundation Stage 2 we love to learn and really enjoy our daily letters and sounds activities. We are great at reading and writing in our class and love learning to retell stories. We do lots of different activities to help us improve our handwriting; some of our favourites are playing with the play dough, using the tweezers to pick up small toys and painting beautiful pictures. Foundation Stage 2 love to talk and will communicate with everyone who comes to visit. Come in and ask us what we have been doing!

We are working really hard to count, recognise and order numbers to twenty in our class. We do this in lots of different ways and by playing lots of different games. Our favourite game is ‘Guess my number!’ This helps us to recognise the different numbers by looking at their shapes. We have started to count in twos, fives and tens and enjoy doubling numbers practically during the day.

Children in the Foundation Stage love reading and enjoy listening to and sharing stories. We learn lots of different stories and enjoy acting them out on our class stage. This term we will be reading and learning Owl Babies. Children also get the chance to visit the Library weekly and select their own books to take home. They also take home a levelled reading book to read at home to help them develop their reading skills at home and foster a love of reading.

Foundation Stage 2 Curriculum

Wherever possible the Foundation Stage children love to get out and about. We really enjoy choosing our own topics and activities and work hard with the adults in class to plan what we are doing and the direction that we want to take our learning throughout the day. This helps the adults plan what we will do next.
Physical Development

In Foundation Stage 2 we are very active and enjoy learning in our inside and outside environment. We love to build obstacle courses to climb along and making interesting routes for the bikes to travel along. We develop our fine motor control in lots of different ways during the day; we play in the sand and the water, we paint in small and large scale, we use chalk to draw and write pictures and words. We also love to participate in whole class P.E. session using music to help us move in lots of interesting ways.
Tapestry – Working with Parents/Carers

In Foundation Stage 2 at Weeth we are really proud of our learning and love to share our successes with our parents. We use ‘Tapestry’ as a way of recording our achievements at school and at home. We all work really hard to add something new to the learning journals each week as this enables us to chart our children’s progress, both at home and at school and share next steps regularly.

Ninety two per cent of our parents regularly view their child’s journal on line with one parent preferring to view theirs during parent/teacher evening.

Parents regularly comment on the observations that staff make valuing the information shared.
We also love to read the observations that parents add, such as the one below and value the contribution they make.

"Brian was given lots of Shopkin stickers and each one is numbered. We sorted them into piles of tens, then put them in order from lowest to highest up to 235".

Expectations for your child...

Expectations for your child this term are to read with an adult every day. To practise letters and sounds every day and read words set each week. To practise counting to ten and then to twenty each day and start to learn what each number looks like. Help your child by counting as you climb the stairs, counting how many apples are in the fruit bowl, counting the number of socks they have in their drawer.

Half Term Homework

Each holiday the children will be set homework. They get the opportunity to select their own tasks based around the new topic. Each piece of homework completed entitles them to a chance to win a prize at the end of the school year.


Don't forget to log in to your child's learning journal using 'Tapestry'. Not only can you find out what they have been doing at school but you can add your own entries. We love finding out what they enjoy doing at home!