Isles of Scilly

17th June 2019

Isles of Scilly 2019
(17th -21st June)
19th June 2019
4.30pm - A busy day had in the water and playing games at the local primary school. Lovely private boat trip to see the seals in the sunshine.
18th June 2019
10.15am - A good night had by all, we are all excited for today's activities been up since 6am! Now on boat to Tresco
5.30pm - Had a superb day, weather held off long enough so we were able to continue with all the activities as planned. We caught the boat to Tresco this morning and had a walk around the gardens, looking at the lovely plants and had a go at a colour treasure hunt. Then we had a picnic on the green and enjoyed an ice cream. After lunch we visited the local primary school and its massive playground.  We left the school for a wander on the beach hoping to add to our collection of sea glass instead we found hundreds of miniature crabs! Finally, we caught the boat back, and did some seal watching en-route. We are returning to the warmth of our dinner tent for our fish and chip supper as the rain is now starting.
17th June 2019
12.30pm - We have arrived, weather is beautiful. We are just having our lunch and getting ourselves organised before having a look around.
5.45pm - Spent this afternoon on the beach where we saw a seal! We have collected lots of shells and sea glass. A bit of mizzle coming over now!