27th June 2016

Update 27-05: London travellers had a wonderful day yesterday the children really enjoyed visiting Charville School and left having made many new friends. Then they got to the London Eye and watched the 4D Experience and then their journey on the Eye began. It was a very clear day and so the children could see for miles. Next children travelled up the Thames on the river boat and arrived back at the hostel just after 5pm for tea. After getting dressed up, they went to the Theatre and really enjoyed the show. They felt very special with wonderful seats, hand delivered drinks by the theatre staff and ice creams delivered to the seats during intermission.

Children are now getting ready for a full English breakfast before heading of for their next destination.

Message from Miss Furnish: What a wonderful day the children had yesterday.

The children were amazed at Charville and how different it was from Weeth. It was heart warming to see how quickly the children made new friends. The London Eye was fabulous and the children were all brave, standing up at the glass and seeing our Capital. We then had a glorious cruise in the sun, having just eaten ice creams. The children loved the show and finished the evening with a tour of London to see it at night.

This morning many of our little ones were still fast asleep at 6.45am but are now showering, packing and preparing for a big breakfast. It has been a wonderful experience for the children and if London had beaches many of our children would want to stay!

Update 26-05: London travellers have had a good night sleep, a hearty breakfast and are looking forward to continuing their adventure today - visiting a school, a trip on the London eye, river cruise and then off the theatre this evening for Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. They found the natural history museum yesterday amazing!