Our Staff

Headteacher: Miss N Furnish


Teaching Staff

Deputy Head
and Year 6  

Miss C Sargent

Year 5 

Mrs F Johnson
Phase Leader 2 (Years 3,4,5 and 6)

Year 4

Mrs E Winson / Mrs H Eastham

Year 3

Miss R Croxen

Year 2

Miss L Rowe

Year 1

Mrs C Tamblyn

Class FS2

Mrs R Peacock
(Foundation Stage Two/Reception)
Phase Leader 1 (FS2, Years 1 and 2)


Teaching Assistants
Year 6       

Miss K Horner, Mr L Allen and Miss J Hamilton

Year 5

Mrs M Williams and Mr L Allen

Year 4

Mrs J Roberts, Mrs S Harding and Mrs N Aylen

Year 3

Mrs D Bosustow, Mrs S Harding, Mrs J Bromige and Miss G Franklin

Year 2

Mrs J Pidwell, Mrs C Tonkins, Mrs A Williams, Mrs A Wallace, Mrs B Selwood and Miss L Chapman 

Year 1
 Mrs A Lawrence
Class FS2    

Miss L Blake and Mrs N Lawry


Support Staff

School Administrator - Mrs A Forder
School Secretary - Mrs C Harvey

Special Needs and Disability Co-ordinator (SENDCo) - Mrs J Wright
Learning Mentor & PE Co-ordinator - Miss L Kitchin
Senior Midday Supervisor - Mrs S Harding
 Admin Assistant - Mrs J Guy
Midday Supervisors - Mrs C Andrew and Mrs G Rich