Physical Education

Physical Activities

All the children participate in a wide range of activities, including gymnastics, dance and games. In addition, children in classes from Year 2 — 6 take part in swimming lessons at Carn Brea Leisure Centre. We have links with other schools for the purpose of arranging matches in football, tag rugby, netball, cricket and some other sports. We also hold an annual Sports Day for all the children.
We insist on the children having the right kit for all P.E. activities. This is for Health and Safety reasons primarily, but we also believe that it encourages good habits for the future and promotes the value of P.E. in the curriculum.
Specialist Physical Education Teaching

At Weeth School we employ additional specialist sports coaches (qualified teachers) to deliver much of our Physical Education.

Each class in Key Stage One and Two has an opportunity to be taught by coaches over the year.

We employ two members of staff so that lessons can be carefully delivered to meet the needs of all the children.

We also run a number of sports clubs after school for our children to attend such as, football, netball and gymnastics.
This Year's Sporting Events

For the last three years we have joined the Primary Sports Alliance and have been taking part in various inter-school events.

Last year we attended a swimming gala and chose some of our most competent swimmers to represent the school.

We also attended a cross country event where our children showed their excellent sportsmanship.

Some of our children did particulary well and went on to compete in other races.

We have been taking part in regular football matches organised with other schools.