Raising Standards 2016-17

At Weeth School we work hard to ensure that every child reaches their potential and leaves school working at age expectations or higher.

Each year the staff and governors work together to create the School Improvement Plan and the governors write a Governor Action Plan (GAP).

These plans act as the key documents for the year to guide and drive school improvement for all school stakeholders.

Each year the governors write a report on the actions that have been undertaken by the governing body.
Closing the Gap

The Senior Leadership Team monitors the progress and achievement of every child across the schools and identifies any children either at risk of not leaving in Year 6 working at age related expectations or not making at least the required progress of two levels.

Any child who is no longer 'on track' is identified as requiring additional support. Each child is provided with additional teaching to enable the school to 'close the gap'.

Interventions at Weeth happen in many different ways, from before school after having been provided with a free breakfast, during the afternoon or even after school. Interventions are run by teaching assistants, teachers from Weeth School or tutors who have worked with the school for a number of years.

Pupil Premium Grant Funding is used to provide additional support and intervention for those children at Weeth who are entitled for Free School Meals, or have been entitled to Free School Meals at some point over the past six years.