RM Easimaths

Maths is a skill that can be developed both in school and at home, and can easily be made fun and engaging. With RM Easimaths, you can support your child in activities and exercises that are consistent with how they learn in class and with the built-in support materials, you and your child can work through challenges together. Be confident that your child's progress is being carefully monitored with the built-in reporting tools, and the work is being personalised for your child's individual ability level.
It's fun!

Fun characters and a user-friendly interface make RM Easimaths feel more like playing a game with new friends rather than learning. This can be a strong motivator to keep learning and improve their skills. Keeping pupils wanting to participate, just 10 to 15 minutes per day, 3 to 5 times per week can deliver great improvements. RM Easimaths is jam-packed full of fun. The characters that guide you through RM Easimaths are colourful and quirky, and appealing to a range of ages. The simple, easy to use interface will mean that your child can get on with learning with minimal support. The exercises are automatically adjusted to each student's individual ability level. The "little and often" nature of the exercises lends itself to short sessions spread throughout the week, and keeps existing maths skills "simmering" as students move onto new maths skills and concepts, allowing for continual practice and improvement.

If your child has not already received their login details and you would like them to access this, please speak to your child’s class teacher.

Simply go to: https://www.rmeasimaths.com/Easimaths/Account/LogIn

And log in with your child’s individual log in details. HAVE FUN and thank you for your support with your child’s learning.

Remember: ‘Practise Means Progress’!
This is what some of the children, who currently do RM Easimaths, have to say about it: