Sports Funding Expenditure - Financial Year (2017-18)

Sports Funding Expenditure - Current

Financial Year (2017-18)

 Primary School Sport Funding Expenditure


Expenditure Information


Total amount of funding received 2017/18


Number of pupils



Summary of Sport Funding spending Objectives for the year:


  • Further enhance the provision to achieve a good balance of games, gymnastics, swimming, dance and athletic activities
  • To continue to improve pupils’ physical fitness through enrichment opportunities
  • To further education pupils on the importance of healthy lifestyles and adopt health practices and attitudes (Healthy Schools Award)
  •      Ensure every pupil can swim 25 metres by the end of Year 6
  •      Achievement to be at least good
  •      All pupils to make progress in line with their peers
  •      Provide a range of inter-school competitions
  •          To provide and sustain over time quality first PE teaching through training and coordinator leadership
  •          Promote a school culture and environment that has health and emotional well-being at its heart.
  •          Improve the teaching of PE to ensure all teaching is at least consistently good with increasing amounts outstanding over time.
  •      Provide wider opportunity, resulting in greater engagement, for ‘less active’ pupils
  •      Provide greater opportunity for pupils registered as ‘Gifted and Talented’ in PE


Spending Plan

£2,955 to join and be part of the Camborne Science International Academy Sports Cluster (plus £1150 for transportation of pupils), which provides Weeth pupils and staff with…


  • Gifted and talented programme
  • Coordination and delivery of full competition programme
  • Continued ‘Super Saturday’ and ‘Summer Camp’ opportunities
  • After-school club opportunities
  • Support for the school with curriculum development
  • Youth Sport Trust membership

£300 to join the Crofty Sports Partnership (plus £500 for transportation of pupils), which provides Weeth pupils and staff with…

  •  Coordination and school engagement in additional sporting opportunities with other schools

 £2000 to provide quality leadership time for the PE Coordinator to drive the Sport's
remium agenda


  •  ARENA schemes of work including end of unit assessments
  •  Bespoke training for staff
  •  Release to enable focus time to support the teaching and leading of PE.
  • Monitor impact of provision and actions outlined within the School Development Plan.


£1000 Playground equipment

* Focus on pupils’ development of key skills

 £3500 to widen breadth of clubs available and target groups of pupils with set clubs, including ‘Change for Life’. Teaching assistants leading clubs

 £500 to provide Healthy Eating workshops for parents and carers

 £700 to achieve Healthy Schools Award through running an action research project

 £1200 Purchase new PE resources to impact long term

* Develop use of assessment to raise attainment through consistently good teaching that meets the learning needs of all pupils and ensures quality learning over time is sustained.

 £2500 to support the cost of additional swimming provision in KS2 and swimming in Year 2

  • Good or better teaching of swimming
  • A term of top up swimming lessons, including transport, for all pupils in Year 3-Y6 and half a term of swimming for Year 2
  • Top up swimming for less able swimmers to ensure they reach age related expectations by Y6


Sustainability: The impact of the sports premium money will have a long term lasting impact on Weeth Primary School and its children. The use of the money to provide intensive staff training has had a significantly positive impact to date on staff confidence and capabilities which has resulted in sustained high quality teaching across the school.

 The school intends to continue to build on this CPD to enhance and enable all teaching staff to deliver high quality PE. The use of the money has had a positive impact on pupil wellbeing and fitness, which will be sustainable over time and improve wellbeing of our children.