Year 1

Class One

Welcome to our Class!

We feel Year 1 is about learning through fun and creativity. Our aim is to inspire children through our various lessons to develop as independent learners.

We love learning through stories and storytelling. We use all sorts of different stories to learn about reading, writing, speaking and listening. We use story maps and text maps to help us learn about the different sorts of writing and then use these structures to write our own versions. In class we love working in partners and small groups to develop our writing, making sure we use all of the ingredients to make a good sentences and then make our sentences ‘wow’ sentences by using openers, adjectives and conjunctions. We read every day in Year One- we love it! We build on our love of reading by choosing different books to read to start our day and finish the day by reading our class novel. We also celebrate the reading done at home and have daily guided reading sessions.

We enjoy learning our maths practically and through games, we have time to learn on our own, learn with a friend and learn as part of a group. We learn our numbers and the relationships between them through games. Then we learn the place value of each digit through exploration of hundred squares and number lines. This year we are concentrating on being able to add and subtract using different techniques such as using number lines and writing the number sentences. We are also beginning to look at multiplication and division, by sharing amounts out and counting in groups. We learn to measure time, lengths, heights, mass, weight capacity and volume using real life situations and standard units of measures like centimetres and metres. We build on our knowledge of shape by learning the correct names and properties of both 2D and 3D shapes.

In our topic lessons we learn about a wide variety of exciting topics. Each half term we immerse ourselves in the topic and create new role play area and displays to support the learning in class. Within these topics we enjoy learning about the local area and the wider world. To support us in our learning we often have visitors in, go on trips, watch videos and read non- fiction books to help us research and extend our knowledge. topic incorporates the different subjects of Art and design, design and technology, music, history, geography, international studies, and society. In this way the children are learning from real life experiences and in a cross curricular way.

During our science lessons we are beginning to working scientifically by thinking about what we want to find out. Then about how we could find it out. Next we make predictions about what we think will happen. Then we carry out experiments and record the results. Finally we evaluate and talk about what we found out. We research the following topics; plants, animals and humans, everyday materials and seasonal changes.

In religious education we explore the different ways that people believe and worship, and compare the similarities between the faiths. We work hard to build a respect and understanding of each faith we learn about.

Each term we have a new topic for computing. We learn new skills on the computers and a variety of other technology, such as ipads, video cameras and voice recording equipment.
Physical Education

PE is great fun! We use lots of different equipment and learn many new skills. We enjoy mulitskills dance, gymnastics and games with both our class teacher and a specialised sports teacher.


Expectations for your child:

Please try to read every night with your child at home and record in their reading record. This does not always have to be their school reading book but any book that they enjoy reading and sharing with you.

Word Banks 

Please practise your child's words with them once a day during the week in their homework books.


Remember for every piece you complete, your name goes into a raffle to win a £50 voucher at the end of the year. You will also earn points for your house team.