Year 2

Class 2

Welcome to our Class!

In class 2 we love writing! We use our storytelling skills to act out a variety of stories and love to use our own imaginative ideas to create incredible stories. We work hard to use a variety of amazing vocabulary in our fiction and non-fiction writing to make it really exciting!

We are very proud of our writing and love to share it with our friends.
We are passionate about reading in Class 2 and can regularly be found reading to the whole class. We are learning about many features of different text types and the effect that they have on the reader. In Class 2 we highly value reading at home and are working really hard to gain our reading karate bands. We are even trying to beat the adults in our class to get our next bands before them!

In Class 2 we are always up for a challenge and enjoy learning new concepts.

We are working hard to use number lines and hundred squares to add, subtract, multiply and divide.

In maths we use all the exciting resources that we have in the classroom to help us with our learning.

In topic lessons we are broadening our knowledge of the world around us, the past and questioning what the future may be like. We have found out so many interesting facts and are able to answer so many different questions that we have thought of. We absolutely love the entry point activities we have for each new topic!
Physical Education

In Class 2 we enjoy all the different forms of sport that we get the opportunity to carry out. We have been working on our ball skills, team work skills, dance and swmming.

Expectations for your child...

Please read at least four times every week with your child at home and record in their reading record.

Weekly Spellings


Remember to practise times tables.


Remember for every piece you complete, your name goes into a raffle to win a £50 voucher at the end of the year. You will also earn points for your house team.