Year 3

Class 3

Welcome to our Class!

In English we love to write for different purposes.

We really enjoy learning about and reading different types of stories. We read and learn a wide range of stories.

We love retelling our stories to our friends and family to help us think about the characters and how they might be feeling. We also love to act and retell stories through drama.

We are also learning about lots of non-fiction genres, including information texts, non-chronological reports, instructions, journalist recounts, explanation texts and persuasive writing in adverts.

In maths we have been learning to add, take away, multiply and divide. We are looking at lots of different written methods to work our calculations. We are also learning how to do calculations mentally.

We are getting really good at thinking about our own learning and thinking about what resources could support us.
International Primary Curriculum

In IPC we learn about lots of exciting things and explore the topic through Entry Point days, geography, art, design technology and society.

This year, we will be focusing on four different topics; Brainwave, Climate Control, What Price Progress and Here and Now, There and Then.
Physical Education

We love being physically active and learning to express ourselves through sport.

We are really lucky to have Go Active teach us new sports and skills.

We learn how to work as a team and about being a good sportsperson.

Please ensure your child has their named PE kit in school all the time, even if it is not a PE day, as you never know when we might do some extra PE!

We love to read in Class 3.4. We have guided reading every day where all children have the opportunity across the week to read to an adult.

We are also working towards getting all our Reading Karate wristbands. We get our Reading Karate wristbands by reading every day at home with an adult and having our reading record signed. This year we are having competition with the adults so we need to try our hardest to beat them!

We always enjoy learning about the world through science in Class 3.4. This year we are focussing on 5 different science topics; Animals including humans, plants, light, forces and magnets and rocks. We love doing science experiments and we try to do at least one experiment in each topic. In our science experiments we have to plan, think about fair testing and the equipment we need, record our results and write a conclusion about what we found.

This year we also have our new science challenge table. This area includes lots of practical activities and resources related to the topic that the children can use once they have finished their work. The children are also able to use this area at wet breaks or during golden time.

Expectations for your child...

Reading every day at home with your child for a minimum of ten minutes. Their reading record must be signed and bought into school every day so we can monitor their reading.

Spellings should be practised every day at home with your child. The weekly spellings can be found in your child's spelling Log Book. They can be practised by saying them aloud, writing them down, creating shapes out of the words - it is up to you! Their spelling Log Book must also be bought into school every day.

99 Club practise is optional. If you child wishes to practise their 99 Club at home ready for their test on a Wednesday then they can collect their practise sheet from Miss Croxen. I will only be sending these sheets home this year if your child asks for one to practise.

Other homework will be set on a Thursday and due on a Wednesday. This will alternate between maths and English and can be found in your child's Homework Book. Once completed, it is essential that your child hands in their book to be marked.

Holiday Homework - IPC

Remember for every piece you complete, your name goes into a raffle for the chance to win a £50 voucher at the end of the school year. You can also earn lots of team points for completing your holiday homework.