Year 3/4 Carnyorth Camp

1st May 2019

Year 3-4 Carnyorth Camp
Wednesday 1st May - Friday 3rd May
10.00am: We've had another good night's sleep although the girls were awake at 6.15am trying to pack! We've just started our morning activities - archery and rock climbing. I'm afraid we have got lots of wet clothes from yesterday as it rained over night. We are trying our best to get them back to their owners but I think we may have some lost property when we get back. We are looking forward to seeing you later!  
9.30am: We have had a good night's sleep with most children not getting out of bed until gone 7 this morning. We have had a big breakfast of cereal, fruit and toast and are ready for our boat building activity this morning. Photos will be sent across later in the morning once the activity has started.
10.30am:  Practising our knot tying ready for our boat building.
2.00pm: We have completed our boats and we are now heading down to the water to try them out. Hope they float! 
5.25pm: We have had an amazing afternoon down at the water testing out our boats. Lots of the children were feeling nervous about getting in the water but so many of them were so brave. I am feeling super proud of all the campers this evening! We are back at camp now having nice warm showers with pasties waiting for us in the oven. 
7.45pm: The Carnyorth Talent Show is in full swing this evening. I'm not sure how they still have the energy! Once the talent show has finished we are going to snuggle up in front of a film with hot chocolate and cake
11.00am: We have arrived at camp and are unpacking in our bedrooms. We are super excited to start our activities this afternoon! 
2.40pm: We are just completing our miner's cluedo this afternoon. The weather is beautiful!
6.30pm: We have all just enjoyed our dinner and a huge piece of chocolate cake. The sun is still shining!
9.00pm: We are having a PJ party with hot chocolate and marshmallows before bed.