Year 4

Class 4

Welcome to our Class!

In English, we give the children opportunities to write extended pieces of writing and to edit their writing to produce a final piece.  We often try to use ICT to present our writing.
We really enjoy learning about different genres of stories. We read and learn a wide range of stories.  We love retelling our stories to our friends and family to help us think about the characters and how they might be feeling.  We also love to act and retell stories through drama.
We also learn about lots of different types of non-fiction genres, including information texts, non-chronological reports, instructions, journalist recounts, explanation texts and persuasive writing in adverts.

We are a class who promote a love of reading and literature. As well as having daily English lessons, we spend quality time reading our class novels which always provide good inspiration for our own writing.

During guided reading we learn information retrieval skills, how to infer and deduce as well as furthering our love for a variety of texts. We have regular opportunities to use and extend our reading skills when conducting research across the curriculum.

We also enjoy having time to read with other children across the school, developing our listening and questioning skills.

In class 4/5 we are constantly developing a range of mathematical skills whilst challenging ourselves. During our daily maths work we have the opportunity to use the four number operations, applying a variety of written and mental methods. We always try to link our learning with everyday life so that we understand why maths is so important to us. A strong emphasis is put on mental maths and we practise this daily so that we can answer questions efficiently within a given time.

Problem solving skills are taught within mathematics lessons and we are provided with opportunities to apply these skills across the curriculum. We pride ourselves in driving our own learning whilst supporting our peers.
International Primary Curriculum

Our IPC topics have enabled us to gain knowledge and skills in a range of subject areas such as Science, History, Geography and Art. We will focus on a topic that allows us to explore the curriculum whilst having fun! During these lessons we have regular opportunities to use and extend our research skills and share our learning with our peers. There are many opportunities for us to participate in creative activities which enhance our learning.

We love using the laptops and ipads to investigate and explore new ideas.
Physical Education

P.E. lessons are taught for a whole afternoon each week, with opportunities for both indoor and outdoor sessions which focus on skills in gymnastics, games, athletics and dance. There is also an emphasis on general fitness and enjoyment of physical activities in line with the government’s guidance of children keeping fit.

Children are also given the opportunity to develop their PE skills further with a range of after school clubs such as football and surfing.

Expectations for your child…


Reading every day at home with your child for a minimum of ten minutes. Their reading record must be signed and bought into school every day so we can monitor their reading.


Spellings should be practised every day at home with your child. The weekly spellings can be found in your child's spelling Log Book. They can be practised by saying them aloud, writing them down, creating shapes out of the words - it is up to you! Their spelling Log Book must also be bought into school every day.


99 Club practise is optional. If you child wishes to practise their 99 Club at home ready for their test on a Wednesday then they can collect their practise sheet from Mrs Winson. I will only be sending these sheets home their year if your child asks for one to practise.

Other homework will be set on a Friday and due on a Wednesday. This will alternate between maths and English and can be found in your child's Homework Book. Once completed, it is essential that your child hands in their book to be marked.


Remember for every piece you complete in the holidays, your name goes into a raffle for the chance to win a £50 voucher at the end of the school year. You can also earn lots of team points for completing your holiday homework.