Year 5

Class 5

Welcome to our Class!

Teaching and learning in English in 5 is carefully planned to ensure we experience a range of genres and have opportunities to develop key skills which we then apply in other subject areas. Children are encouraged to read and write with confidence, fluency and understanding.

We learn to write in a range of genres in fiction, non-fiction and poetry, together with spelling, punctuation and grammar. In order to foster independence we learn to plan, draft, revise and edit our own writing. We take pride in the presentation of work and develop our handwriting.


In class 5 we continue to develop a range of mathematical skills. Within our daily maths work we have the opportunity to use the four number operations and a variety of written methods.

Under the new curriculum we aim to develop our problem solving and reasoning skills and applying these in a range of contexts and subjects.

A variety of resources are always available to assist pupil's learning.

Our math magician wall encourages pupils to independently select challenges in order to demonstrate mastery skills.
International Primary Curriculum

Our IPC topics enable us to gain knowledge and skills in a range of subject areas such as Science, History, Geography and Art. During these lessons we have regular opportunities to use and extend our research skills. There are many hands on activities and experiments that we take part in during these sessions to assist our learning.
Physical Education

PE lessons provide opportunities for indoor and outdoor sessions, focusing on skills in gymnastics, games, athletics, dance and swimming.

Children are given the opportunity to develop their PE skills further with a range of after school clubs such as football and netball.

We actively promote a love of reading and literature. During guided reading we learn and apply information retrieval skills, as well as inference and deduction.

We have regular opportunities to use and extend our reading skills when conducting research across the curriculum.

The children love our 'Reading Karate' and read regularly at home in order to gain their wrist bands.