Year 6

Class 6
Welcome to our Class! 
In year 6, English is planned so that children's comprehension, vocabulary, grammar, writing, critical thinking and discussion skills are developed in a fun and meaningful way.  As independent learners children revise and edit their work so that the final draft is a piece of work to be proud of.  Year 6 are given the opportunity to study a wide range of fiction and non-fiction texts.
In year 6 we work hard to create inspired and confident mathematicians. Children will develop conceptual understanding, numerical fluency, problem-solving and mathematical confidence.  Furthermore they will continue to consolidate their skills and knowledge in preparation for the national curriculum tests.  Children are encouraged to 'explore' a range of problems and justify their responses both in written and spoken form.
International Primary Curriculum
Our IPC units take a comprehensive, thematic and creative approach ensuring that specific learning goals are met in subjects such as History, Geography, Art and Design Technology.  Lessons are exciting, active and meaningful for the children where they not only connect their learning to where they are living now but also from the perspective of other people living in other countries.
In Year 6 a high quality curriculum encourages aspiration and inspiration within pupils to succeed and excel in competitive sport and other physically demanding activities. This provides opportunities for children to become physically confident, supports their health and fitness and builds character whilst embedding values such as fairness and respect. Activities include swimming, ball skills and dance.
Children in Year 6 learn what it is to be a real reader and to truly engage in the world of books both through the class novel and their independent reading.
During guided reading children learn to develop their skills in inference and deduction and how to accurately respond to a range of questions referring to the text to support their answers.